c0rrosive dream, pink room, warm light, static breaking    


Golden Paradise - tape release 2018 via Truly Bald Records


Joybender - BIG DED via Embalming Lately

HURT PLAZA - 1st full-length LP 2017 on CGI Records

Sunburn / Solid Firm - Split Tape w. Mille on Popnihil Records


cm003 - C-

Secret Map v. 1 - Untergang Institut

DKA Tape Programme Vol. 1


May 18 } NK Badtz Maru, Yung Nila, Estoc, Bamban @ Marks Dollhouse, Philadelphia[|:)

June 8/9 } Savage Weekend @ The Nightlight, Chapel Hill


March 25-April 16 } Golden Paradise Tour

April 7 } WREKtacular, Atlanta

July 21st } Irrelevant Fest w. Boy Harsher, Lord Narf, Cube, Pyramid Club + more [|:)

September 8th } Houston Fringe Fest live score for FAILS dance piece choreographed by Blake Beckham + Hez Stalcup [|:)

Hurt Plaza / True Fun Tour w. Sequoyah

September 16th } Babyfather, Elysia Crampton, Negashi Armada, Sloane Hilton @787 Windsor [|:)

Dec21st } 529, Atlanta, Cube, Uniform, 10th Letter, Sloane Hilton [|:)

Jan13th } Work Room, Atlanta, Live score for FAILS by Hez Stalcup + Blake Beckham[|:)

Feb15th } 529, Atlanta, Boy Harsher*

Feb21st} Murmur, Atlanta, Palberta, Jake Tobin's Loose Organization*


[|:) as themself

*as BIG DED (Pamela_ and her sons x Celines)

Sex Magazine Premiere: EVERYWHERE/ SHARED DIRT dir. by Jean Langkau

Mask Magazine Premiere: "Green Light" directed by Saige Rowe

3 AM, directed by Cotton

Rush 120, directed by Elysia Empyre